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“music meets art”: Matthias Maria Boehm paints pictures to the lyrics of his own songs.
The pictorial language of the lyrical songs invites you to transfer impressions and motifs to the canvas in color. 

At vernissages he presents live  the songs with guitar in German, English and Italian.

At the same time, the eyes of the guests wander over the acrylic paintings in the exhibition, which he painted to the lyrics of his songs.

Short trailer for song : "Schutzengel"
  Vernissage in ACC  

Boehm © & ℗ 2023
  Exhibition at the ACC  

During the exhibition it is possible to use a QR code with your own smartphone and headphones  to look at videos to understand
how he transfers his songs into painting and translates song lyrics into color. You can also listen to the songs in full.

Current picture gallery:

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Free delivery within the European Union (& the song) 

CD: "Kurze Ewigkeiten"


-  Magic Guitar Ride / W. Barthel (LP 1982)
-  Auf der Suche
 / Barthel & Boehm (LP 1984)
-  Zeitlos / Barthel, Boehm & Bauer (LP 1986)
-  Wide Scope / WB introducing Wide Scope (CD 1992)
-  Out of the Dark / Wide Scope (CD 1994)
-  Eternity / Haußmann & Boehm (CD 1997)      
-  Orisha Meditation Music / Asaro (CD 1999)
-  Drift away / Barthel, Boehm & Bauer (CD 2007)    
-  Bis morgen kann ich fliegen / Verrückte Engel (Maxi-CD  2007)
-  Desire / Lenamarie trifft Theasophie (Maxi-CD  2009)
-  Tussi / Groove under the roof (DVD 2010)
-  Kurze Ewigkeiten/ Matthias Boehm (CD 2011)
-  Die zwei Jahreszeiten / The 4 Teens (Maxi CD 2012)
-  A song for you / Sophie Sorgenfrei & Halb so wild (Maxi-CD 2013) 
-  Himmel auf Erden / Katharina & Matthias Boehm (DVD 2013)
-  Timeless Horizons / Barthel, Boehm & Bauer (double LP 2014)
-  10 Jahre Musikwerkstatt MS Nabburg (CD 2015)

 Videos on You Tube:

- Ich bleibe / Matthias Boehm (2017)
- Himmel auf Erden / Katharina & Matthias Boehm (2021)
- Nicht im Regen steh`n / Katharina & Matthias Boehm (2021)

- Una stella eterna / Matthias M. Boehm (2023)
- Tuffa la natura in oro / Matthias Maria Boehm (2023)

- Herbstgedicht (audio guide) / Matthias Maria Boehm (2024)

 Press:  (automatic translated)

"Art between two worlds

What Matthias Boehm feels, he sets to music. He puts into words what moves him.
And what he sings, he translates into color. This is what the current exhibition offers
 in the Schmidt-Haus something for eyes and ears." 
(DER NEUE TAG 26.02.2018)

"Late impressionist-cubist or expressive-symbolist, combined with graphic elements and watercolored transparency, he varies the stylistic means of his acrylic paintings in order to give expression to the musical templates." (Info Schmidthaus 16.02.2018)

"In his own autobiographical compositions (such as "Märchenland", "Tussi", "Ich bleibe") Matthias Boe
hm proves to be an incorrigible idealist who, despite all the unavoidable disappointments, keeps on searching for the beautiful, the true, the good. Against the background more catchy , lyrical melodies, his lyrics reveal real experiences with the "gnawing rats of adjustment" and "hatreds that encircle the self", with deceptive masks and fake friendliness. As a flutist, Boehm possesses a superb expression and playing technique unmatched by anyone other than Ian Anderson reminded of "Jethro Tull": Boehm's instrument can sing gently, lament, scream and also become seriously angry." (DER NEUE TAG 27.07.1998)


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