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The title of the picture is from the song “Una stella eterna”:

What looks like the Star of Bethlehem is the symbol of our eternal love:
Although at first in the lyrics I try to metaphorically compare my wife to a garden full of flowers, to a sunset and to the moonlight and the stars, I ultimately realize that our love is something incomparably unique. At the end of the song I ask if there is an eternal star. The answer is: It exists because you exist.

The acrylic painting 100 x 70 cm, Böhm 2020, is painted with paints from the companies “Schmincke” and “Kreul” on a very stable stretcher frame canvas (Wall XL, 4cm deep) from the company MH&P from Berlin. Everything safe!

“Made in Germany”.



Delivery is free within the the European Union! (& the song)  

Free Download:
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