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Tägl. Traurigkeit
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In these hours of daily sadness" is your voice like a blazing light".
It quickly comes to mind that the sun is the best source of light, but how do you represent the voice? I got the answer on the music computer. But now I wanted to paint it accurately.
This is what Christiane's voice looks like on the Wave Editor, my wife says:

The title of the picture is from the song "Tägliche Traurigkeit":
"Ich liebe dich"

If you turn these waves 90 degrees, you can project the declaration of love onto the water and depict the voice as a glaring light as in the picture. In the month of February, 51 years ago on Valentine's Day, I met my wife at a very young age. As long as she saves me from the daily sadness.

The acrylic painting 70 x 70 cm, Böhm 2021, is painted with paints from the companies "Schmincke" and "Kreul" painted on a very stable stretcher canvas (Wall XL, 4cm deep) from the company MH&P from Berlin. Everything safely! "Made in Germany".


Free delivery within the European Union (& the song)

Free Download:
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